Shipping Restrictions

There are locations we cannot ship certain products to. Certain cities, states and municipalities establish certain restrictions. We reserve the right to not ship particular products to certain locations to comply with these limitations.

The following non-exhaustive list reflects some state and local restrictions governing various products. It shows products that are prohibited in the locations indicated. When criteria must be met for ownership, those are also listed.

This list may be updated at any time by local cities, states and municipalities and is superseded by any limitations put in place on the current date of purchase. It’s up to YOU to know the laws in your state, county and city and to fully comply with them. Purchasers bear responsibility for compliance with all local laws and regulations.






Detroit ·       Blasters

New Jersey

·       Blasters

New York


New York City

·       Blasters

·       Blasters



Philadelphia ·       Blasters

Puerto Rico

·       Products with batteries


Madison ·    Blasters


·    Products with batteries


Additional shipping restrictions

In some situations we are only able to ship an item via ground transportation only. For example products that are batteries or contain batteries, and any other items prohibited on airplanes by the FAA. If you have a restricted item on your order, we can only provide ground shipping options.

If you live in a location that does not have guaranteed ground delivery, we may not be able to ship the restricted items to you. In this instance, please remove any restricted items from your cart in order to allow shipment of remaining non-restricted items via non-ground delivery.

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