WARNING: Do not take SplatRBall Blasters to any school or federal properties. Do not aim at or blast people or animals. Do not brandish or paint SplatRBall blasters to look like a firearm.


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This thing kicks butt! Soaked ammo 4 hours, like it said. Man they grow! Charged battery. Its fast! Target turns red where its shot, then dries white. Ammo breaks when it hits next morning their like soft sand. Wish magazine was bigger. going to buy lots more ammo. I love it! we have a chime hanging 25 ft off the deck. I can keep it spinning and ringing. I haven’t run the battery down yet. Fill the bottle with water and one bag of ammo. enjoy.

I bought it for myself then ordered 4 more for the kids, love It!

Great Quality, Super Fun, Worth It. Bought 2 And Will Buy More. Awesome Fun, Comes With Everything Needed, 5k Worth Of Ammo(I Got Extra), Safety Glasses And Other Accessories. Its High Quality And Has Some Weight To It As Well Which They Would Sell Accessories For It!

Better than videogames. So much fun. The kids loved them. I had to get one myself, and I love it too. Now all the neighborhood is getting them too. Amazingly it pulled my kids away from video games and got them outside.

Totally fun. I bought eight for my brothers and their kids. Xmas will be a blast at their houses.


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